Craft and Food Tour

Price: $370 USD per person for groups of 2 or 3 people or $830 USD for 1 person

Time: around 8 hours.

Method: driving from Oaxaca city.

This tour has two options:

Option 1 – Central Valleys Teotitlán: We start walking around Teotilán del Valle market, sampling some local food and drinks, then we will head out to see some crafts from this region like rugs and candles. Afterwards we will be meeting the red clay artisan women group, then stop for lunch in a beautiful place run by a local cook, finalizing with a well deserved mezcal tasting at a traditional palenque in Matatlán.

Option 2 – Central Valleys Zimatlán: On this side of the central valleys we will visit the black-clay town and have a delicious breakfast with a local cook who will greet us at his patio. We will learn about an incredible craft project with an elderly couple who have been making beautiful clay pieces for years representing women from different regions of Oaxaca and their famous clay mermaids. Afterwards we will head towards an alebrije workshop in San Martín Tilcajete and then have lunch in Zimatlán made by a great traditional cook. Finally, we will visit the workshop of a young design entrepreneur who has been working with local artisans activating new markets for community design.

Payments in cash or cards. Transportation, Meals and drinks included (except alcohol). Bring comfortable clothing and shoes, hat or cap. If you want to buy crafts or food items, the best way of payment is cash.

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