Markets (Central Valley) Tour

Price: $320 USD per person for groups of 2 or 3 people or $450 USD for 1 person

Time: Full day, Sundays only

Method: driving from Oaxaca city.

Full day excursion to the central valleys stopping first in Teotitlán del Valle market where we will have breakfast and visit some local textile workshops. From there we will head to the Tlacolula Sunday Market where we will be exploring a vibrant maze of colors, taste, and smell, learning about ingredients, cultural contexts as well as sampling traditional dishes. From there we will visit historic Zapotec ruins and finally end sampling pulque in a producer town, or a local mezcal tasting, then it will be time to return, perhaps tired, but happy.

Payments in cash or cards. Includes meals and drinks (except alcohol). Bring comfortable clothing and shoes, hat or cap. If you want to buy crafts or food items, the best way of payment is cash

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